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Millions evaporate as trade secrets lawsuits fly across NC, US

Russell W. Gilmore, CISSP, CISM, EnCE Diversion, Fraud, Mobile Forensics, News, Theft

TBJ articleThe July 6, 2018, issue of the Triangle Business Journal included an article entitled “Millions evaporate as trade secrets lawsuits fly across NC, US”. This article provided good information about the increase in the theft of company-owned data. You can access the full article here.

We have also seen an increase of data theft investigations at Protus3 and work side by side with law firms providing evidence of suspected activity. An employer’s client list and product lists are common targets. We even had one case that involved the improper collection of HR data by an employee over several years and from multiple companies.

Digital forensics plays an important role in recovering evidence of the theft of electronic information. With the increase of cloud storage, portable storage devices, and web-based email accounts, it has become easier for employees to misappropriate data owned by the employer.