Workplace Violence Prevention and Mitigation

Violence in the workplace is more common than many believe - and it is also often predictable and preventable. Perpetrators of workplace violence almost always reveal warning signs long before an incident occurs. When key personnel know how to recognize these signs and take appropriate measures early, a tragedy can be avoided. Over the years, effective workplace violence prevention and mitigation techniques have been developed to prevent these horrific acts and keep your environment safe.

When the threat of violence occurs in your workplace, Protus3 will assess the situation and use proven investigative techniques to determine how serious the threat is. Protus3 will assess your current security measures and implement solutions to harden your workplace. We will train your employees to recognize the signs of violence and respond appropriately should an incident occur.

The investigation is only the beginning. We have the experience to gauge individual potential for violence - as well as the security expertise to minimize a perpetrator’s opportunity to cause harm. Give us a call today to discuss how we can help keep your workplace safe for everyone.

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