Theft, Embezzlement, and Fraud

Theft, embezzlement, and fraud cost billions of dollars for businesses each year. Corporate bankruptcies often occur as a direct result of theft by employees and vendors. Fraud can arise in countless types of scenarios, including inflated pricing, billing for undelivered goods and services, bribery, extortion, workers’ compensation fraud, insurance fraud and money laundering, just to name a few.

Protus3 investigators will determine the facts quickly and effectively when you suspect an internal control lapse. Our investigators have experience investigating fraudulent activity. We bring the specialized expertise to analyze the evidence and pinpoint the source of the fraud. Our scope of work often includes:

  • Reviewing financial documents
  • Tracing transfers of funds and assets
  • Gathering and analyzing electronic documents
  • Interviewing witnesses and key persons
  • Partnering with law enforcement agencies

The investigation is only the beginning. Because we are also security experts in addition to being investigators, we can identify the gaps in your security program that allowed the theft, embezzlement, or fraud to occur. We can then implement solutions to address those gaps, including policies and procedures, physical security measures, technology, training, and other measures.

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