Product Diversion and Counterfeiting

Product diversion and counterfeiting are costly problems for manufacturers and wholesalers. Product diversion and counterfeiting are common with vendors that sell internationally, but the same problem can arise when dealing with U.S.-based vendors as well. These type of illicit operations undercut profits, stifle healthy competition, and damage the reputations of legitimate businesses by delivering inferior product to the marketplace.

The team at Protus3 conducts undercover field activity to identify product-counterfeiting operations and other unauthorized activities. Our investigators determine the identification, background, and associates of suspected violators as well as their sources and methods of operation. We are often able to recover some or all of our clients’ property.

The investigation is only the beginning. Because we are also security experts in addition to being investigators, we can identify the gaps in your security program that allowed the product diversion or counterfeiting to occur. We can then implement solutions to address those gaps, including policies and procedures, physical security measures, technology, training, and other measures.

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