Location of Persons and Assets

Are you trying to locate a missing person, serve a legal document, locate a debtor, locate a witness, locate your client who missed a hearing, or locate someone who has skipped out on a financial obligation? Protus3 investigators have access to data and sources that assist us in determining the location of persons and assets you are seeking.

When attempting to avoid collection, it is common for debtors (both individual and corporate) to conceal their assets. Asset investigations put together the pieces of an individual or company’s financial puzzle to reveal what kinds of collectible assets might exist. Here are a few of the techniques that we commonly use to locate hidden assets:

  • Background investigations on individuals
  • Criminal record checks
  • Real estate and deed checks
  • Motor vehicle registration checks
  • Searching for civil judgments, bankruptcies and liens
  • Surveillance
  • Digital forensics and social media investigations
  • Financial audits and business background checks

If you are trying to get your money back by going to small claims court, a collection agency, or you think you are a victim of a fraud, an asset investigation can tell you how many collectible assets a person or business has. Give us a call today to see how we can help you recover what is owed to you.

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