Corporate Compliance and Ethics

Corporate compliance and ethics investigations can be quite involved and sensitive. Getting to the truth about what happened can, at times, be extremely difficult, especially when the individuals conducting the investigation may be personally affected by its outcome. The trained expertise and neutral perspective of a disinterested outside investigator is often necessary to uncover the objective facts.

Protus3’s investigators conduct fact-finding, thorough investigations discreetly and tactfully. We will take sensible investigative steps to validate or allay your suspicions – and collect the evidence needed to determine if a violation occurred. Here are a few areas that we examine when investigating allegations of misconduct:

  • Reviewing documented company policies
  • Interviewing witnesses and other involved personnel
  • Conducting forensic analysis of computers and phones
  • Reviewing data such as voice mails, emails, social media and surveillance footage

Our investigators will keep you informed every step of the way and use proven investigative techniques to get you the real story in an efficient and effective manner to protect the interests of your company or organization.

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