Civil Rights (Title VII, Title IX)

Sexual and gender-related violence is a serious problem on college campuses. Protus3 investigators conduct prompt and thorough investigations of campus complaints of discrimination, sexual misconduct, sexual harassment, and gender-related violence including stalking and intimate partner violence involving students at colleges and universities. Protus3 investigators work closely with university or college General Counsel and other involved administrators to compile an investigative action plan.

Some key components of a Civil Rights investigation include:

  • Planning witness and complainant interviews
  • Creating a list of documents to request
  • Recovering video surveillance recordings and obtaining computers and phones for forensic analysis

Protus3 investigators will deliver a thorough investigative report to designated campus officials and will collaborate with local, state, and federal entities when necessary. If you have had a complaint or incident at your campus or would like to discuss how our team can help you implement preventative measures, give us a call today.

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