Business Due Diligence

If you are considering purchasing a business or a major stake in a business, it is critical to get the complete facts. Many times a business may not be as healthy or financially viable as its present owners represent it to be. A business (or its principals or officers) may have “skeletons in the closet.” Uncovering the red flags requires carefully searching multiple public and private databases for records about the company and its officers. Full due diligence requires the specialized expertise of a trained investigator.

Here are a few areas that we look at closely when investigating a business:

  • Character, reputation and business practices of current officers
  • Truthfulness of company data provided by current management
  • Court records: criminal, civil, and bankruptcy
  • Public records and complaints (SEC, D&B, FINRA, BBB and licensing boards)

Our team of background investigations experts will thoroughly vet a business and the key individuals who are a part of its operations. Before you buy a business, give us a call and make sure that you have a full and complete picture of the facts.

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