Compliance Reviews

Today’s corporations are subject to governmental oversight and regulation on an unprecedented scale. Many laws carry severe civil and criminal sanctions for the organization as well as its officers and directors. Because even the most ethical companies can inadvertently run afoul of these regulations, good business practice – and in some instances federal law – demands that organizations implement formal compliance programs to ensure that they act in accordance with law. A compliance program is a system of policies, procedures and mechanisms designed to ensure that an organization, as well as its employees, agents and affiliates, comply with all laws and regulations governing its operations. Because risks differ across organizations and industries, each program must be tailored to fit each individual organization. Once in place, an effective compliance program is the organization’s best defense against employee fraud, waste and abuse, and civil and criminal prosecution for violations of federal law.

Protus3 can help your organization establish and maintain an effective compliance program for CFATS, RAM-W, HIPAA, and other security-related requirements. Our compliance services include:

  • Initial risk assessment and analysis
  • Policy and procedure development
  • Staff training and education
  • Anonymous reporting / “hotline” monitoring
  • Compliance audits and investigations
  • Periodic program review

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