Clery Compliance Assessment

Colleges and universities normally struggle in three main areas: creating manageable policies, identifying and training CSAs, and accurately identifying Clery geography. A Protus3 Clery Compliance Assessment can provide a valuable evaluation of policies, training procedures and accurate geography for colleges and universities.

Manageable policies

Colleges and universities must address all policies mandated by the Clery Act, even if a policy is irrelevant to a specific school. They still must create an adequate explanation for the lack of policy. However, any policy can quickly become a liability.

Let’s say a university establishes a policy to issue a notice within an hour of a certain crime being reported but then takes two hours to issue that notice. Because they didn’t follow their own policy, they are liable and can be fined. Colleges and universities must carefully craft their policies to protect both their students and administration without dramatically increasing their liabilities. Defining roles and responsibilities is a key component of policy and procedure development and implementation. Protus3 can help review and improve policies to make them more complete, manageable, and effective.

Training CSAs

Effectively following policies also requires a clear delegation of responsibilities. CSAs who are untrained, are incapable, or don’t understand the established policies are another liability to the university. Protus3 can help evaluate how well policies are being delegated and how accurately CSAs understand and perform their role. After we gain a greater understanding of how effectively Clery policies are understood and followed, we can train CSAs to better understand their role in protecting the students and the school.

Accurate geography

A clear understanding of Clery geography is integral to adherence. Often colleges and universities have unclear, inaccurate, or unmarked geography. A misunderstanding of Clery geography creates inaccurate reports which can result in more fines. Our security assessment helps colleges and universities know exactly where they stand so they can improve policies and practices before there is a lawsuit.