Christine Peterson

FBI Insider Threat for Small Business Program


Christine PetersonOn May 31, 2018, the FBI held an Insider Threat for Small Business program at their Charlotte, NC, office. Attendance was by invitation only. Christine Peterson attended on behalf of the partnerships that Protus3 builds with clients to protect their assets.

As a big fan of the concept “Together is Better” Protus3 believes that it takes a community working together to protect US businesses and national security. The sad part is that short term thinking and the idea that “it can’t happen here” still prevails in the minds of business leaders who will trade vulnerabilities for short term profit.

Protus3 would like to thank the FBI, DSS, and all their sister agencies for their efforts to educate businesses, including small businesses, about the very real threats that threaten not only national security but also businesses’ ability to security their assets and prosper. Technology is a wonderful tool, but it is only a tool. Insider threats require a combination of people, process, and technology all working together to protect the organization.

Plan. Protect. Prosper.

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