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Thank goodness for small blessings and the lack of a traditional work week! Who hasn’t been affected by the economy of the last several years? If someone tells you they haven’t, then they are either fooling you or themselves. Every business has on some level been affected, and this is evident on many levels. We all know that companies are doing more with less, and that has a dramatic effect on employees who work harder, often outside of the traditional 8 to 5, Monday to Friday workweek. That leads me to the small blessing that Risk Management Associates, Inc. received due to this very phenomenon.RMA flooding in conference room

Sometime between Friday, September 16, and Saturday, September 17, our office water heater apparently rusted through and flooded our third floor office suite. Yes, the third floor. You know what happens when water goes everywhere, and I mean hot water everywhere. It goes out and then down – which leads me to the small blessing. Luckily for us (and the people on the second and first floor) there was at least one person working on Saturday at Clark Nexsen who has suitRMA flooding in hallwayes throughout our building. As this hard working professional came into the office on the second floor, she noticed that the carpet was wet. Being a true professional, she called the building manager who called us and Sparkkles Restoration. Who says one person can’t make a difference? Can you imagine what the building would have looked like on Monday?

So to copy the beer commercial, here’s to the challenging economy, to the employees who work Sunday through Saturday and know who to call in an emergency, to Debi and Roy at Cassidy Turley who had a disaster plan that worked, and to Sparkkles Restoration who knew what to do to restore the building to its pre-flood state. Lastly, here’s to the RMA employees who did what needed to be done to service our clients during this trying time with the dehumidifiers blasting, wallpaper and floorboards torn up, no break room or water, and all the rest of the discomfort that goes along with this kind of event.

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