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3 Traits of a Successful Clery Compliance Coordinator

Christine L. Peterson, CPP, ISPCompliance

campus safety clery compliance articleCampus Safety Magazine published “3 Traits of a Successful Clery Compliance Coordinator”, an article that highlights some of the challenges and nuances facing institutions and Clery Coordinators trying to comply with its requirements. It also drives home that elevating compliance from a departmental/individual response to a coordinated institutional response will drive success.

In the business world, this seems like such a “no brainer”. In the world of academia, Clery compliance coordinators face daunting challenges to get training, resources, and buy-in. Sadly, instead of being a part of a larger compliance team, they often find themselves in the “scapegoat” position.

But aren’t the compliance requirements under the Clery Act an institutional requirement? Yes, of course they are, but are Administrators and Trustees reading Campus Safety? Probably not, but as the conversation turns from the new Clery requirements and interpretations to proactive, institution-wide programs, institutions have the opportunity to build a new and better model for Clery compliance.

Read the entire article here.

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