X-ray Screening Training at Goddard Space Flight Center

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Billy Green of Protus3 provided X-ray Screening Training at Goddard Space Flight Center. In this project, Protus3 developed, updated, and delivered screening training programs to security and receiving personnel in order to develop and refine perception, understanding, and skills in:

  • The basic technology of explosives and the nomenclature and fusing of IED devices relevant to the threat
  • The physical characteristics of packages that may contain explosive devices and other dangerous weapons
  • The hazards presented by such devices and weapons
  • The precautions and countermeasures that should be taken if a suspicious package is identified
  • The operation, utilization, and capabilities of the x-ray screening equipment used at the site (in conjunction with experienced operators)
  • The interpretation of x-ray images in order to identify typical and atypical configurations of weapons and explosive device components
  • The basic precautions and countermeasures to be used upon discovery of a suspected weapon or explosive device

The program is composed of four hours of lecture and demonstration using presentations, video, model weapons and devices, and handout materials. Topics included basic explosives identification, technology and applications of IED’s relevant to threat potential at NASA, basic x-ray interpretation, and operational training for the x-ray screening equipment. Finally, these presentations were followed by a practical session during which trainees worked with x-ray-authentic training aids using the screening equipment on hand.

Various fusing models and replicas of IED’s were used in the presentation and were available for workshop examination. Components, circuits, and other items were available for use by trainees during the practical workshop session.

Protus3 has provided screening training for the last 20 years. We are proud to have provided it to Goddard Space Flight Center since 2010.

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