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Chris Peterson presented “Security: It’s Everybody’s Job” at Triangle Family Services on February 5, 2019. The program addressed workplace violence.

Violence in the workplace is a condition that affects organizations regardless of geographic location, demographics, or type of business.  As a result of the spread of workplace violence and increasing media attention, every organization must implement an aggressive program to deal with this situation. 

This training program addressed violence in the workplace as it affects first line personnel as well as senior management. The goal of the training is to enable personnel to deal with the issues with which they may be faced on a daily basis. 

This presentation also included a component for managing aggressive behavior. Issues arise every day in today’s workplace that may cause individuals to resort to aggressive behavior.  Often individuals may enter a workplace exhibiting aggressive behavior from issues that occurred within their private lives.

Employees can be taught to recognize certain factors relating to conflict. Above all, training should provide the skills necessary to de-escalate a conflict without resorting to a physical confrontation.

Some of the skills taught include:

  • Introduction – “Customer Relations”
  • Why People Do The Things They Do – “Personalities”
  • Verbal Communications
  • Non-Verbal Communications – (including eye contact, gestures, and other body language)
  • Active Listening
  • Proxemics – “Space”
  • Conflict Resolution Concepts
  • De-Escalating Conflict
  • Dealing With Potentially Angry People

You can read more about the workplace violence training here.

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