Wake County Justice Center

Wake County Justice Center Opens

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Wake County Justice Center

When the new Justice Center opens, it will contain approximately 577,000 SF of space within an 11-story structure. This high rise building will have 18 new courtrooms, and associated support spaces, with the capacity to add 4 additional courtrooms in the future. It will also provide public meeting space for the Board of Commissioners and administrative space for the County Manager, County Attorney, Finance and Budget Operations, Register of Deeds, Revenue/Assessor and various other support spaces. The Justice Center is designed to enable the County to meet the judicial needs of the Tenth Judicial District for the next 40–50 years.

RMA provided assistance with the planning and coordination between existing security-related systems and their infrastructure and new security systems being installed at the facility that was under construction. The coordination of such systems is crucial in maintaining the continuity of each system and also the integration between the systems. Architects and associated designers/consultants involved with planning, designing, and constructing new buildings are not always aware of the history and design of existing security-related systems throughout an organization.

RMA has worked for Wake County for over 15 years, and during that time, we have been heavily involved with the County’s security management program along with the design and implementation of most of the electronic security-related equipment throughout their facilities. We have provided assessments, studies, design services, peer review processes, assistance with policies and procedures, training, and technical expertise services all of which are relative to Wake County’s security management program. RMA provided support services that provided the conduit needed to assure that the continuity between the security-related systems throughout existing facilities and the new security related systems within the Justice Center building was maintained.

The Wake County Justice Center will have significant upgrades in both technology and security. Security features will include: secure corridors under constant control, x-ray security screening, metal detectors, trained staff on post, camera systems monitoring the building, weapons checks, emergency duress buttons and card access control.

As the new Justice Center will house all criminal courtrooms, the public and inmates will be kept separate at all times. New elevator systems will be constructed to provide improved movement for court officials, staff and the general public. The inmate population will be moved without interaction with the general public, court officials or staff. A total of 17 elevators are included. In addition, escalators will provide access between floors 1-3.

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