Security Assessment Completed for Town of Morrisville

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Protus3 has completed a Comprehensive Physical and Electronic Security Assessment for the Town of Morrisville.

The objectives of this assessment were to:

  • provide an evaluation of the current physical security posture,
  • provide a review of the electronic security program,
  • evaluate the security threats found at nineteen locations identified by Town leadership, and
  • recommend measures that the Town of Morrisville should consider going forward to mitigate risks in a sustainable, consistent, and comprehensive manner.

Security Assessment Scope of Work

The site visits began in January. Protus3 conducted light studies at all 19 sites and surrounding parking areas. Consultants returned to each of the sites over a period of weeks to perform a physical review of the sites and conduct interviews of key stakeholders. Protus3 also assessed the points of entry, points of exit, parking, and vegetation. Consultants also conducted the electronic security portion of the assessment.

During these surveys, consultants focused on the security elements of the culture and operation at each of the sites and specifically the elements of physical security, electronic security systems, security operations, and the overall security program.

Based on information obtained, Protus3 submitted a comprehensive report outlining the status of the current security program. An analysis of the information and observations and any identified areas for improvement in the security program were reported as findings and recommendations.

The ultimate objective of the security assessment was to provide the Town of Morrisville with the information that they can use as a guideline to improve security across the Town.

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