Tim Bullock

Timothy A. Bullock, CPP, CSPM

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Security Consultant
Security Professional since 2002

Place of Birth: Cristobal, Panama

Education: BA in Justice Studies, AAS in Criminal Justice.

Experience: Skilled in the planning, design, installation, and management of systems for commercial, industrial and Critical Infrastructure (Energy Sector)

Personal Interests: Family, camping, guitar, singing, music, travel, and offroading (Jeep Wrangler Rubicon)

Certifications: Certified Protection Professional (CPP), Certified Security Project Manager (CSPM), Network+, OSHA 30

Affiliations: Member of ASIS International.

What are some notable or memorable projects? RDU Terminal 2 Security Installation: The project was a $3.5 million project that included access control, CCTV, intrusion detection, and intercom. Custom programming was performed to be able to allow the system to do the functions that the customer was requesting. Just the system size alone was memorable and notable as well as the impact it would have on so many people coming through the building each day.

Dominion Power Cove Point Offshore LNG Security Installation: Both memorable and notable, the install took place in the Chesapeake Bay about 1 mile offshore. The facility is for the unloading of liquified natural gas (LNG) and can accommodate two super-tankers back to back. Install included access control, CCTV, turnstiles, and fencing (with barbwire). Due to the environment and the facility’s function, materials and equipment were specialized in majority of the areas. All equipment was delivered via barge and hoisted onto the upper platform via crane. Worker access to the platform was via an underground tunnel.

400+ Acreage Solar Farms: Provided planning, design and implementation on the install of CCTV towers and wireless transmission equipment that was totally powered by solar and backed up by battery, giving the customer views of the area with the guarantee of 24/7, 365 day operability. All towers were solar-powered and transmitted signals back to the substation wirelessly.

What is your greatest security concern? My greatest security concern is being able to protect the electrical grid from physical attacks and cyber-attacks. Protection of the electrical grid can be difficult due to the remoteness of many of the facilities so it is important to provide a solution that is layered, is monitored, and can withstand multiple scenarios of attack. By using CCTV with thermal imaging and analytics, we can have the ability to not only detect motion, but also detect by heat as well and from great distances, giving the customer the ability to respond sooner. Analytics have come a long way and give us the ability to accurately detect the potential threat while reducing the amount of nuisance alarms. The use of acoustical sensors on the perimeter can also detect vibrations in the ground and determine what threat is approaching, the distance of the threat, and the movement of the threat. Specialized fencing materials can be installed to prevent visibility of the equipment as well as penetrations of projectiles. With the advancement of drone detection, we are getting to the point where not only can the drone be detected, it can also be defeated. All of these measures are great, but the need for monitoring is a must because time is of the essence in these situations. Being able to monitor via hard-connections are great but methods not requiring electricity are essential as a backup.

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