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Why Employees are Your Greatest Cyber Risk

Russell W. Gilmore, CISSP, CISM, EnCE Computer Forensics, Fraud, Mobile Forensics, News, Theft, Training

A company will do everything it can to protect its network and data. They hire information security experts and purchase security software and hardware to protect from outside intrusions. They do a number of things to reduce their cyber risk. Most are missing the largest risk to their data – the employee. A recent study finds that nearly two in …

dark web

What Is the Dark Web?

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I am not a computer techie, just an average computer, smart phone, and iPad user. I use the Internet for email, word searches, research, and of course the occasional shopping experience. Have you ever wondered: what is the Dark Web? I must admit I am a bit curious. Could it be that bad to just Google the words “Dark Web” …