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Triangle Family ServicesUnemployment, school drop-out rates, violence in our communities, crime, homelessness, hopelessness – have you ever considered what a difference we can make if we support families when they are in crisis? Security events are the result of deliberate actions of people intending to do harm. Security events hurt people, and the decision to cause an event is controllable. Supporting families and individuals in crisis changes lives and is the first step in protecting our community and the people we love.

Since early 2012, RMA has gotten to know Alice Lutz, CEO at Triangle Family Services, as well as the staff and many of the families who have been served. The mission of Triangle Family Services is simple: “Building a stronger community by strengthening the family.” We have been awed by the work that they do and the contribution they make to our community.

Since 1937, Triangle Family Services has served as a safety net for the community. In the words of Alice Lutz: “Triangle Family Services handles crisis situations no one wants to talk about. It happens just like that. An individual or family suddenly faces a crisis with the potential to destroy lives. It could be a violently abusive spouse, a disruptive mental health problem, or the possibility of financial collapse. The scenarios are never pretty, but when crisis occurs, Triangle Family Services is there to help people overcome life’s challenges. Think of us as a safety net for our community. The safety net becomes even stronger when you’re part of it.”

Why would a security consulting company support an organization like Triangle Family Services? When RMA was founded in 1988, Mike Tucker put in place principles that have become the foundation of our current business model.

Employees: Assemble experts in multiple security disciplines who are professionals in their area and have demonstrated character and integrity in their dealings with clients and associates. (Take care of their families and have fun making a positive difference.)

Clients: Be a security advocates for our clients. Develop partner relationships and be a long term resource in the protection of their company’s assets and economic advantage. (We look good when they look good.)

Community: Families are the foundation of our community, and when families are in crisis it hurts our community, our state, our nation, and our world. (Giving back to the community benefits us all individually and collectively.)

Supporting our community has come in many forms and has been a collective effort involving RMA employees, their families, and sometimes clients.

How does TFS do what they do?

Family Safety

  • Supervised Visitation: This program allows a child to have a safe visit with the non-custodial parent in a domestic abuse situation. In 2012, 2,764 safe visits were hosted to 339 families
  • Developing Opportunities for a Safer Environment (DOSE): One of the largest abuser treatment programs in NC with a 98% success rate and more than 366 unduplicated clients served in 2012.

Financial Stability

  • Consumer Credit Counseling Services (CCCS): offers in-depth financial analysis and training on budget building, bill paying and credit. TFS offered 133 financial literacy workshops to 2,764 individual.
  • Emergency Housing Assistance (EHA): Families facing homelessness because of financial crisis come to EHA. In 2012, counselors assisted 419 families.
  • Coordinated Intake: TFS was also awarded the contract for Coordinated Intake to document housing needs for all of Wake County. The expected number of incoming phone calls has proven to be higher than expected, with over 650 calls to TFS within the first week of service. This is symbolic of the housing needs of families and children within our community.

Mental Health Services

  • Mental Health Services: Individual and Family Counseling by licensed clinicians and psychiatrists through a multidisciplinary approach that ensures each client receives the most effective treatment possible. 427 families received treatment in 2012.
  • TFS was just awarded the contract to provide Individual and Family Counseling to juvenile offenders children who have experienced sexual abuse. TFS is projected to see 50 children under the age of 18

How can you make a difference?

Gingerbread BenefitSupport Triangle Family Services at the 11th Annual Gingerbread Benefit on Thursday, December 5, 2013, at The Umstead Hotel and Spa. Become a sponsor, purchase tickets, or become a volunteer.

Your contribution matters, and the effect of your support will be felt for generations. Please make a difference in your community!

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