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Security Systems Commissioning Project for the City of Raleigh

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RMA has been awarded the security systems commissioning of the City of Raleigh Critical Public Safety Facility. In this project, RMA will be working directly for RMF Engineering.

Risk Management Associates will oversee and participate in the start-up of all security electronic equipment. We will verify and inspect all associated security equipment located in each security room. This will also include the equipment rack layouts, terminations, wiring, labeling, equipment rack ventilation (if applicable), and all other associated requirements.

Risk Management Associates will work with the Contractor and if applicable the Design Engineer to fully test each security-related system and all components of each system. Prior to beginning the testing and commissioning, we will review the testing documentation provided by the Contractor for each system and provide feedback concerning any modifications that may be needed to meet the specifications. We will verify and test each system individually to verify that all equipment operates according to the plans and specifications and as programmed. Upon completion of the testing and commissioning, we will provide documentation for each system outlining all items with a pass/fail comment and will provide a document for all outstanding punch list items that will need to be corrected before final acceptance.

Upon the completion of the testing and commissioning of each system with the Contractor and once all punch list items from the testing and commissioning have been corrected, re-tested, and operate as designed, RMA will perform a thorough test of the system(s) with the owner and their administrative staff. This purpose of this test will be a simulation of real events that will take place on a daily basis once the building is occupied. Once this test has been completed and there are no additional corrections that may be needed, we will provide a document indicating the systems are performing and operating as designed and programmed.

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