RWHRMA and TSHRM Human Resource Joint Meeting

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The Raleigh-Wake Human Resource Management Association (RWHRMA) and the Triangle Society for Human Resource Management(TSHRM) chapters held their annual joint meeting at the Doubletree RDU Airport at RTP on Thursday, August 24, 2017. Chris Peterson and Tasha Dyson attended for Protus3.

The highlight of the event was a keynote presentation “Building Trust in a World of Wolves: Four Critical Strategies” by Sandy Costa. Sandy is a tremendous and motivating speaker whose message changes lives (and we say that from experience). He has a captivating way of drawing from his life experiences and general sense of wonder to share a message that is timeless and applicable to all areas of the listener’s life. His ability to distill complex ideas into simple concepts supported by images and stories from his personal life, his career, or the copious places he has visited, people he has met, or books he has read is profound. Some of the take-aways from the meeting include:

  • Trust is a leap of faith and we know it when we see it (Mother Teresa, Nelson Mandela, Abe Lincoln)
  • When it comes to being trust worthy, we are each auditioning every day
  • People are complex – Upstream or downstream we each decide how we will react
  • Our reality is exactly what we expect it to be – “we buy junk and sell antiques”
  • “The difference between fiction and reality? Fiction has to make sense.” Tom Clancy

Leaders who instill trust are:

  • Are humble
  • Are respectful
  • Are compassionate
  • Are servant leaders
  • Have candor
  • Are competent
  • Embrace the great mysteries
  • Don’t surrender to the status quo

To learn more about Sandy or to purchase his book Humanity at Work, visit his website at Sandy Costa is a keynote speaker, author and consultant with over 40 years’ professional experience in executive and senior operating management positions within the pharmaceutical, health care and life sciences industries and as a legal practitioner. Sandy’s experience includes having served as the President and COO of Quintiles Transnational Corp, Senior Vice President, Administration and General Counsel of Glaxo Inc. and sitting on twenty corporate boards of both public and private companies.

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