Rowan-Cabarrus Community College Security Project Begins

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Rowan-Cabarrus Community CollegeRMA will assist RCCC in the implementation of the recommendations made in the Security Master Plan submitted in June 2011. RMA consultants will work with dedicated RCCC staff to accomplish these tasks as four projects with specific goals and objectives.

Crisis Action Plan Implementation: Building upon the work previously submitted, RMA will further develop the model plan into site specific programs implementing the preparedness and response strategies recommended. Emergency communications methods/solutions will be developed and a process to provide awareness and earlier warnings as required by Clery will be coordinated. To facilitate the implementation, a “train the trainer” program will be delivered by RMA to selected RCCC staff that will provide for the orientation of existing and future staff, students, and faculty with a description of the crisis action plan and their role in the event of an incident.

Clery Compliance: RMA will provide RCCC with the insight it has gained through working with other institutions of higher education; information, materials, and policy guidance endorsed and published by the U.S. Department of Education (“DOE”); and solutions developed by other educational institutions subject to the Clery Act. These materials and information will be provided for informational purposes only, to assist and guide RCCC in the development of its own compliance program.

Security Policies and Procedures: RMA will assign a team of consultants to work with RCCC staff to fully develop these processes.

Security Personnel: RMA will assign a team to establish a process to address and resolve the issues presented in the Security Master Plan related to the need to identify and select a security professional to oversee the RCCC security program. These consultants will work in conjunction with RMA and RCCC personnel assigned to the crisis management, Clery compliance, and policy and procedure development aspects of this project to develop a fully-integrated and focused security program at RCCC. RMA will assist as directed in the recruitment and selection of a security professional by RCCC. RMA will assist as directed in the development of an RFP and related processes for future contract security services.

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