RMA Provides Pro Bono Security Solution for Raleigh Rescue Mission

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RMA was contacted by Raleigh Rescue Mission and asked to help them overcome some security issues. RMA provided Raleigh Rescue Mission with pro bono services, beginning with meetings with their management team and a security assessment of their facility and operation.

After conducting the assessment, RMA concluded that in addition to implementing various policy and procedural changes there was also a need for electronic access control and video surveillance systems. Knowing that there was little or no budget for these improvements, RMA then contacted vendors and local security companies to obtain the resources necessary to provide the nonprofit with the security measures they needed.

Raleigh Rescue Mission is now working to implement a comprehensive security program which will include video surveillance, signage, and the development of a strategic policy that recognizes security as a vital part of their ministry model.

“We’re proud to have helped an organization that does so much good for the Raleigh community,” said Risk Management Associates President, Mike Longmire. “This is a shining example of the positive effects a comprehensive security solution can provide. With staff training, policies and procedures, and the technology in place, Raleigh Rescue Mission will have a powerful deterrent that will ward off threats against their facility, staff, and clients allowing them to focus on their true purpose: giving aid to those members of the community that need it.”

Raleigh Rescue Mission is a Christian organization that helps rebuild the broken lives of men, women and children in our community by ministering to their physical, emotional and spiritual needs. Since 1961, Raleigh Rescue Mission has brought the hope of Jesus Christ to the homeless and hurting in our community. The Mission provides safe long-term recovery, emergency and respite shelter, nourishing meals, Christian counseling, medical care, educational opportunities, job training, an on-site preschool center and more.

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