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RMA Negotiates Second GSA Schedule Option

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GSA Contract Holder

Risk Management Associates, Inc. (RMA) has successfully negotiated the second GSA Schedule Option extending our current contract through July 2016. This allows RMA to continue to offer government clients that same quality, vendor-independent security services under GSA Schedule Contract GS-07F-0292L.

Schedule 84: Total Solutions for Law Enforcement, Security, Facilities Management, Fire, Rescue, Clothing, Marine Craft and Emergency/Disaster Response – Marine Craft and Equipment is where federal contractors solve security-related mission requirements. RMA is pleased to have been a partner since we successfully negotiated our original contract in 2001. Additionally states, counties, and municipalities can also take advantage of the favorable pricing that the federal government has negotiated through the Cooperative Purchase Program. Under this program, any government entity can purchase services and equipment on Schedule 84 (Safety and Security) and Schedule 70 (IT). It guarantees “most favorable pricing”, allows for additional negotiation, and fulfills procurement requirements for agencies that have competitive purchasing programs.

Under this program, RMA, a full-service security consulting company specializing in antiterrorism and force protection (ATFP), physical security, system design and technology, law enforcement operations, bomb blast mitigation, and investigations, can continue to offer services that protect assets and reduce crime. We recognize the requirements set forth in the UFC, MCO, HSPD-12, CFR, NPR, FIPS-201, Physical Security Criteria for Federal Facilities, and other relevant documents, but we recognize that one size does not fit all when developing security solutions. We are solution providers that understand that security is not synonymous with technology but is a comprehensive and balanced application of people, processes, and technology that fits and enhances the organizations operation. RMA has over 23 years of experience securing US infrastructure and employs security experts in a wide array of security related disciplines with “real world” experience. At RMA we improve security, control access, and reduce controllable losses.

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