Vernon Malone College and Career Academy

RMA Completes Security Commissioning for Vernon Malone College

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Vernon Malone College and Career AcademyRisk Management Associates completed the security commissioning for the systems in the new Wake County Vernon Malone College and Career Academy. This facility, which is a learning center focused on vocational trades for high school students, was a renovation of the old Coca-Cola plant located on Wilmington Street in Raleigh. As part of the original design team, RMA had the opportunity to see the project from beginning to end and participate in the transformation of this facility. The General Contractor and all trades involved in the project did a marvelous job transforming this very old bottling plant into a state of the art learning center. One item in particular was a great touch to the project was that the old Coca-Cola sign that was on the front of the building was refurbished and is now located in the common eating area of the College and Career Center. Everyone that was a part of this projected has commented on how wonderful the building looks as well as how functional it will be. The new facility is a learning center for Wake County Public High Schools and a partnership with Wake Technical Community College which will hold classes in the new facility. It was a pleasure to see that in lieu of building a new building, an older building with perfectly good bones and a lot of history that has been abandoned for years can be turned into such a great facility.

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