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RMA Begins Security Assessment of Hartford Hospital

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Risk Management Associates, Inc. was awarded the contract to perform a Security Assessment of Hartford Hospital. The purpose of the analysis is to evaluate the security threats at each of the campuses, identify gaps in the current security program, and recommend measures that Hartford Hospital should consider going forward to mitigate risk levels and the severity of risks. Included in this assessment will be a review of the current security program that is already in place at the Hartford Hospital to determine the necessity and effectiveness of the current system to meet the security needs of the Hartford Hospital currently and in the future to mitigate the risks identified. In assessing risk at each campus, RMA will evaluate the physical risk to employees, patients, and guests, evaluate risks to property, and determine the potential threats to employees and/or property.

Hartford Hospital is central Connecticut’s leading tertiary medical center with a world class medical staff, supported by over 7,000 extraordinary nurses and staff members. Founded in 1854, it was the first hospital to be built in Hartford. Hartford Hospital is the major teaching hospital affiliated with the University of Connecticut Medical School, serving the New England region.

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