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RMA Awarded Commissioning Project for Wake County Justice Center

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Security DesignAs part of the new Justice Center project, Risk Management Associates, Inc. will provide commission, testing and acceptance services for all security related systems and equipment. Systems include card access and security monitoring; closed circuit television (CCTV) and digital recording; intercom, paging and emergency communications; programmable logic controls (PLC) and touch-screen interfaces; and court to jail AV system. RMA will complete this project as a subcontractor to Horizon Engineering Associates, LLP.

Equipment Start-up Services

RMA will oversee and participate in the start-up of all security electronic equipment. We will verify and inspect all associate security equipment located in each security room. This will also include the equipment rack layouts, terminations, wiring, labeling, equipment rack ventilation (if applicable) and all other associated requirements.

Commissioning and Testing Services

RMA will work with the Contractor and the Design Engineer (if applicable) to fully test each system and all components of each system. We will verify and test each system individually to confirm that all equipment operates according to the plans and specifications, all equipment operates as programmed, and all alarms and activities report to the appropriate locations. In addition, the testing of the PLC system will verify that all secondary security equipment interconnected with this system operates as designed and programmed.

Final Acceptance and Close-out

Upon the completion of the testing and commissioning of each system with the Contractor and once all punch list items from the testing and commissioning have been corrected, re-tested and operate as designed, RMA will perform a thorough one day test of the systems with the owner and their administrative staff.

The new Wake County Justice Center will efficiently accommodate the growth in the County and the increased daily traffic in the court system and other public records operations. The attractive new Justice Center will have the capacity for 22 new criminal courtrooms equipped with state-of-the-art technology, as well as more space for court support, such as the Clerk of Court and Public Defender. The Justice Center will increase facilities and access to public records, including the Register of Deeds, Geographic Information Services mapping and Revenue/Property Assessment information. The new Center also includes a new County Commissioners’ Meeting Room and County administrative offices that will open to the public. The new Justice Center and the Davie Street parking decks will provide space for 1,160 vehicles.

Horizon Engineering Associates, LLP is one of the nation’s premier commissioning providers, having served as commissioning authority for more than 90 million square feet and $20 billion in construction cost. With offices across the country, HEA has one of the largest and most respected staffs of Certified Commissioning Professionals and LEED Accredited professionals in the nation. HEA recognized the potential of Building Commissioning to raise industry standards from its beginnings and contributed to its development. As a pioneer, HEA commissioned the nation’s first green residential high-rise building, which is also a model of sustainable design and construction principles. HEA continues to actively participate in the future of Commissioning and Sustainable Design through the high standards of their practice, and through leadership in industry organizations such as the U.S. Green Building Council and the Building Commissioning Association.

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