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RMA Awarded Blast and CBRNE Vulnerability Assessment Project

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Risk Management Associates has been awarded a project to conduct a Blast Analysis and CBRNE (chemical, biological, radiological, and nuclear explosive) VulnerabilitySecurity Consulting Assessment for Naval Facilities Engineering Command Engineering Services Center (NAVFAC ESC).

RMA will conduct a comprehensive blast analysis for specific critical facilities. The blast analysis will include modeling of individual facilities using computer software. Findings will include all aspects of the existing facilities

RMA will conduct a comprehensive Chemical/Biological/Radiological (CBR) vulnerability assessment (C- VA) for specific facilities that will focus on vulnerabilities to the introduction of a CBR agents or toxins through induction, inhalation, or contact contamination. RMA will provide recommendations for improvements, countermeasures, and mitigation to include structural or building envelope integrity, filtration, HVAC systems and controls, CBR detection systems, SCADA system improvements, and general improvements in physical, electronic, and operational security.

RMA will conduct a comprehensive study of the facility’s current mail and package handling system and the associated procedures and policies. RMA will determine vulnerabilities and identify corrective actions to mitigate the most common threats. RMA will develop and submit recommendations for countermeasures and improvements for mitigation of the threats and vulnerabilities including structural or building modifications, filtration, HVAC systems modifications and improvements, CBRNE detection systems, x-ray screening equipment, and general improvements in physical, electronic, and operational security.

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