Superintendent Cathy Moore at Women in Security

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Superintendent Cathy Moore at Women in Security

Protus3 was honored to host the ASIS Women in Security meeting on Tuesday, February 12, 2019. The guest speaker was Superintendent Cathy Moore of Wake County Public Schools.

Superintendent Moore spoke about themes that are the same in schools as well as to business. Some highlights of her presentation included:

  • Surrounding yourself with the right people is important for your future and success.
  • Lack of understanding and lack of knowledge are unacceptable.
  • Building bridges is critical to best outcomes.
  • Every student deserves to be challenged in meaningful learning each day.
  • Nothing replaces how we build relationships.
  • We must find a way to find the “and” instead of the “or”.

As a small business, these messages really resonated with us because these are concepts and values that we have embraced as well.

For us, there is a direct correlation between “Lack of understanding and lack of knowledge is unacceptable” and our value of “Be informed. Knowledge is power, and we actively seek and apply it – to the benefit of our careers, our company, our profession, and our clients.” 

Similarly, in the phrase “Building bridges is critical to best outcomes,” we hear “Be helpful. We listen and communicate clearly and directly – going the extra mile to honor commitments and produce solutions for our clients and each other.” 

To read our entire list of values, look for the Protus3 Pledge on the About Us page.

Women in Security

Women in Security advocates for the advancement of women in the security industry, as well as for increased membership, participation, and leadership of women in ASIS International.

ASIS International

ASIS International is the preeminent organization for security professionals, with more than 38,000 members worldwide.

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