Protus3 Completes Comprehensive Security Assessment for Gilbarco Veeder-Root

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Protus3 completed a Comprehensive Security Assessment for Gilbarco Veeder-Root. Protus3 reviewed the Greensboro Manufacturing Facility as well as the Greensboro Storage Facility.

The report provided a robust narrative that helps explain concepts of physical security. It also included security recommendations, best practices, and industry-related observations that will support leadership in developing a consistent unified approach to a security program.

The objectives of this assessment were defined as follows:

  • Provide an evaluation of the current physical security posture,
  • Provide a review of the electronic security program,
  • Evaluate the security threats found at two locations identified by Gilbarco, and
  • Recommend measures that Gilbarco should consider going forward to mitigate risks in a sustainable, consistent, and comprehensive manner.

Scope of Work

The site visits began in July and lasted a few days days. First, consultants walked through each facility. Next, Protus3 conducted a general physical security assessment to determine if policies or procedures provided were congruent with actual processes being followed. Consultants also reviewed the access control system as well as the video management system. Protus3 assessed the points of entry, points of exit, parking, and vegetation. Finally, consultants conducted a survey after sunset to conduct light readings and to make additional observations concerning the parking lots, buildings, and grounds.

Based on information obtained from the meetings, facility tours, and documentation provided, Protus3 submitted a comprehensive report outlining the status of the current security program.

The ultimate objective was to provide Gilbarco with information to be used as a guideline to improve security across the corporation. Above all, improving security requires an appropriate blend of people, processes, and technology. Protus3 made recommendations based on best practices found in the security industry, most especially those found in a manufacturing setting.

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