Ward and Smith Employment Law Symposium

Protus3 Attends Employment Law Symposium

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Ward and Smith Employment Law Symposium

On November 4, 2016, Ward and Smith, P.A. held an Employment Law Symposium at the Brier Creek Country Club in Raleigh, NC. Protus3’s Christine Peterson attended the program as the President of a privately held security consulting, system design, and investigative company that provides background screening services nationally. As such, employment law affects Protus3 as both an employer and a service provider.

Topics and speakers included:

Ward and Smith, P.A. is the successor to a practice founded in 1895. Their core values of client satisfaction, reliability, responsiveness, and teamwork are the standards that define who they are as a law firm. Ward and Smith ensures that legal matters are handled with attentive intelligence by attorneys and staff who work together to build meaningful relationships with clients.

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