NCACLEA Summer 2016 Protus3 booth

Protus3 Attends 2016 NCACLEA Summer Conference

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Protus3 is a long-term supporter of the NC Association of Campus Law Enforcement Administrators (NCACLEA). This year’s 2016 NCACLEA Summer Conference was hosted by UNC Asheville Police DepartmentNCACLEA Summer 2016 training on May 17-19, 2016.

The organization does an amazing job of assembling and presenting training that includes valuable “lessons learned” for and often times by respected campus security professionals throughout the state, and this year was no exception. Presenters included:

  • First Response to Explosive Devices and Suspicious Objects, Special Agent Luper, NC SBI
  • Passive Response to Protest and Civil Disturbances, Captain Jonathan Franks, GPD
  • Background Investigations, Dr. Stephen McEachen, the FMRT Group, and Tom Moss, Developmental Associates
  • When You Choose Law Enforcement You Gave Up the Right to Be Unfit, Chief Jeff McCracken, UNC-Chapel Hill and Chief Jack Moorman, NCSU

Protus3 was honored to participate in the 2016 Summer Conference.

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