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NAVFAC – Technical Editor and Resource Assistant

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Risk Management Associates has been awarded a contract to provide a Technical Editor and a Resource Assistant dedicated to NAVFAC ESC in Port Hueneme, California.

As the central point of quality control and organization, the Technical Editor position is a critical component in the success of the NAVFAC ATFP program. This position helps to extend the professionalism and image of the NAVFAC ATFP organization by ensuring documents are free of mistakes, errors, and omissions.

In addition to document reviews, this position will track and manage the program support by creating document review forms, generating report numbers, working with Defense Technical Information Center (DTIC), inventorying the reports in all NAVFAC ESC technical library systems, developing technical report templates and guidelines, and working with report authors to meet delivery schedules. Specifically, and as a secondary responsibility, the Technical Editor will manage and support the NAVFAC eProject program for the Anti-terrorism Assessment and Studies Team (AAST) in populating, tracking and updating the program.

The Resource Assistant is the Antiterrorism Class Registrar and will be the point of contact for all Antiterrorism Workshops. In the role as point of contact for the Antiterrorism Workshops, the Resource Assistant responsibilities will include but not be limited to providing detailed information to interested parties on workshops and providing assistance to attendees on payments, sponsorships, confirmations, and certificates. In addition to being point of contact for Antiterrorism Workshop, the Resource Assistant will provide additional antiterrorism support to the Antiterrorism Service Branch and the Branch Director and their designee(s).

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