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Michael Longmire Presents at Duke Center for International Development

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Michael LongmireMike Longmire presented The “Private Justice System”: Alternatives in Delivery of Services at Duke University’s Center for International Development. The program highlighted the relationship between private security and law enforcement. The program was presented to 15 visitors from the General Office of the Public Security Comprehensive Management Commission of Guangzhou.

The Duke Center for International Development (DCID) is dedicated to strengthening capacity for international development through interdisciplinary approaches to practice, research, international advising, mid-career training and post-graduate education. DCID faculty and staff continuously strive to create programs that meet the specific needs of each client and student.

DCID offers a Master of International Development Polic (MIDP) graduate degree; intensive international Executive Education programs for senior development managers; and short- and long-term advising in public finance and development management. DCID also hosts the Duke-UNC Rotary Center for Peace and Conflict Resolution and the Duke-UNC Managers in Transition Program, and maintains close collaborations with the World Bank, USAID and other international and bilateral agencies as well as with consulting firms, foundations, universities, NGOs and national governments.

Through all of these activities, DCID seeks to enhance the strategic capacity of present and future international development leaders throughout the world by providing them with a firm foundation of skills in problem-solving, policy analysis and policy implementation.

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