Marty Coolidge

Marty Coolidge Named Investigations Manager

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Marty Coolidge

RMA is pleased to announce that Martin F. Coolidge has been named Investigations Manager.

Marty Coolidge comes from a 26 year law enforcement and security operations and management career with the skills learned from operations, supervising and executive management. Marty has been a security consultant and investigator for Risk Management Associates, Inc since 2009.

Marty’s expertise includes high risk terminations, project management, personal protection assessment and operations, operational security analyses, interviewing and statements, policy and procedure analysis and development, and submission of detailed project and investigative reports. He teaches PPSB-approved training courses to security personnel and private investigators.

Marty is a former Under-Sheriff, County Police Captain and Police Instructor. As Captain, he supervised a County Police Force, a Criminal Investigations Division, a multi-jurisdictional Drug Enforcement Task Force and a Collision Reconstruction Unit. As Under-Sheriff, Marty was second in command of a busy upstate NY Sheriff’s Office and directed the activities of a correctional facility, police division, courthouse and government offices security detail, civil division and E911 emergency communications division.

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