Kevin McQuade

Kevin M. McQuade, CPP

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Kevin McQuade

Security Consultant
Security professional since 1979

Place of Birth: White Plains, New York
Education and Experience: Wake Technical Community College, Electronics Diploma. Training in various security related systems including TAC-INET and Continuum, Pelco Endura and Integral, CSI, Casi-Rusco, and NCS. AGC Sales/Negotiations Skills Training Course. Dale Carnegie Sales and Recurring Monthly Training Courses
Personal Interests: Enjoy golfing and spending time with my wife either at home relaxing or away on weekends.
Certifications: Certified Protection Professional – Board Certified by ASIS International.
Affiliations: Member of ASIS International.

What are some notable or memorable projects?
One of the most memorable projects that I have been involved with at RMA is when we were contracted by a large fortune 500 company to oversee the entire security management system from the owner’s perspective. The company had offices that were part of this Security Management System in over eight states in the beginning and expanded over time through mergers and acquisitions. We were not involved with any installations, just the day to day operation of the system that included policies and procedures on the use of the access badges and card reader portals, periodic clean-up of the card database, writing specifications on the programming requirements and following up and testing the equipment on new installations. We were also involved with the individual user groups within the company on a daily basis assisting them with badge replacements for employees, new hires and on-going training. There were four full-time personnel involved with this position when it began, and over three years, it grew to ten full-time employees located in four states. Another project that is most memorable is the design of the new Security Management System for the North Carolina School of Science and Mathematics in Durham. The school had a security management system, however the functionality of the system was such that it was not expandable or able to integrate to other systems. The new system is now a complete security management system integrating card access, digital video, emergency communications and an IP-based emergency paging and intercom system throughout the entire campus. The school also implemented a new security console with multiple workstations and video displays that monitor the security, video, and emergency communications for the entire campus.

What do you see as a future, emerging trend in security?
I believe that more systems will have the capability of integrating with each other and will also utilize a more secure wireless technology.

What is your greatest security concern?
One of my biggest concerns is that the days of “Oh that won’t happen here” are gone. Not everyone has realized this yet, and some do not take the proper precautions to avoid potential risks, especially in “quiet” cities, towns, or areas of the country. Everyone needs to be more conscious of their surroundings whether it is at work, home, on vacation, in the car, or at the grocery store. I think we have become too complacent and the “good old days” are not like they used to be. This is not to say we need to have our guard up at all times or live our lives in fear; we just need to be more conscientious.

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