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Leading Security Systems Discussed at S2 PhySec 2018 Conference

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Jerry BlanchardS2 Security, a leading security systems manufacturer, conducted its annual S2 PhySec 2018 Conference at The Sanctuary at Kiawah Island, South Carolina. This event is by invitation only to leading security consultants, architect and engineers.

The event provides S2 a platform to inform industry specifiers about their products, product development, product roadmaps and relationships with industry partners. In turn, S2 gains valuable feedback from industry leaders on the security needs and desires. It is also a great networking event.

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S2 Security is an independent manufacturer of IP-based physical security and video management systems that create a powerful, cost effective way to protect people, property and assets. Providing unmatched reliability and a 100% Web browser delivered user experience, S2 products are the physical security management systems of choice for Fortune 500, education, healthcare, manufacturing and government customers around the world.

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