Jerry Blanchard Attends CONSULT 2018

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Jerry Blanchard attended CONSULT 2018 in Nashville, Tennessee.


CONSULT is the only non-captive venue exclusively devoted to specifiers of electronic and physical security. SecuritySpecifiers developed this event specifically for technical security consultants. From cyber security to spec writing and design issues, the environment that security consultants and engineers face evolves constantly. Consultants and engineers share some of the same design challenges.

About the Event

Dr. Rita Singh from Carnegie Mellon University presented “Identifying and Profiling Humans from Their Voice”. Dr. Singh is an Associate Research Professor at Carnegie Mellon University’s Language Technologies Institute. Currently her research focuses on profiling humans from their voice.

Because the human voice can dynamically encode a person’s bio-parametric factors as they exist at the time of speaking, voice can potentially be more effective for profiling humans than DNA or fingerprints. There are major ramifications for security applications with the promise of being a key factor in identification and authentication. Dr. Singh also spoke about cutting-edge AI advances in audio steganography (embedded code in an audio file) which have significant security implications.

SecuritySpecifiers sponsors CONSULT, a security industry event. SecuritySpecifiers is an online community and network of security professionals where the physical security industry can effectively engage with designers and consultants.

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