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IFMA Monthly Meeting – Red Hat Tour

Emily Schack News

IFMA Greater Triangle Chapter logoThis article was originally published in the newsletter of Greater Triangle Chapter of IFMA.

IFMA’s August Meeting was a tour of Red Hat’s new corporate headquarters in downtown Raleigh.

The former 19 story Progress Energy office building is located at the corner of Davie and Wilmington Streets. 1,000+ employees are working in the building today and the total capacity will be roughly 1,650. Over 100 guests toured through the Red Hat Tower on August 14. The tour was coordinated by Craig Youst, Senior Director Global Workplace Solutions, and Danny Seaton, Senior Manager Facilities Operations, as well as over a dozen other Red Hat team members. The work environment at Red Hat is constructed by enthusiasm, and the same thought process went into building / renovating for the Red Hat Tower. Collaboration and sharing are core values for employees at Red Hat. To support this vital component most employees work in cubicles with low walls that are arranged in an open-floor plan to encourage interaction. Conference rooms are designed with a mix of furniture seatings that can be reserved by pressing touch pads mounted next to the doors or via the office calendaring system. The 12th floor host a long mass of North Carolina pine and creates a design familiar to regional culture. Three specific themes went into designing this facility: fun, collaborative, and modern. The open work environment creates functionality for teamwork. The removable glass panels gives control over work spaces. Not only does this high energy and youth environment promote a fun place to work and productivity, the modern design and sustainable materials that were used, is expected to give the Red Hat Tower the first LEED gold certification in downtown Raleigh.

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