Alderman Library

HBRA Architects and Protus3 Awarded Project for UVA

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Alderman LibraryWorking with HBRA Architects, Protus3 will develop the schematic and preliminary security system designs for the Alderman Library Renovation at the University of Virginia.

The renovation of Alderman, beginning in 2018, marks the third chapter in the University’s history. The first chapter began when the Rotunda, UVA’s first Library, was built as the center point of grounds – a notable departure from the practice of building universities around religious organizations, which was customary at the time. The second chapter began with the building of Alderman Library in 1937, with shelving for a much larger (and newer) collection of printed information, marking the faculty’s determination that the University of Virginia should become a research institution.

Alderman is still the University’s main library, and its renovation is essential to bringing the Library up to contemporary standards of safety, accessibility, usability, and service. Additionally – and perhaps most importantly – it provides an opportunity to create the library for the University’s third century.

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