Disaster Planning Forum in Raleigh

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A Disaster Planning Forum was hosted by Risk Management Associates, Highlands Environmental Solutions, and Ward and Smith, P.A., and moderated by Catalyst Communications. The group assembled a panel of experts with real-life experiences in security issues, environmental issues, legal issues, and the branding/communication issues that a business could face when disaster strikes. The free event provided attendees the opportunity learn and share information about how to respond to future events in a manner that protects the company, people, products, infrastructure, and reputation.

Attendees were able to network with colleagues in the industrial, chemical, manufacturing, transportation, and warehousing industries and learn about the following topics:

  • The most likely environmental event risks for key industries
  • How to prepare for or prevent environmental emergencies
  • Federal and State spill reporting requirements
  • Critical Incident Planning
  • Security during an environmental emergency
  • Being prepared to stand alone during a crisis
  • Legal liability exposure from industrial emergencies
  • Measures to manage regulatory, civil, and criminal liabilities
  • Crisis communications

Highlands Environmental Solutions is a professional environmental consulting and service company committed to providing effective, quality, and professional environmental solutions to our clients. They specialize in environmental assessment and remediation serving commercial, industrial, municipal and residential clients. The staff possesses the experience and expertise necessary to understand and address the technical, regulatory and budgetary challenges faced by clients. Their mission is to provide cost and time effective solutions to address their clients’ environmental needs, while protecting the environment.

Ward and Smith, P.A., is a full-service North Carolina law firm with practice specialties in environmental regulation and litigation. Their Environmental Practice Group attorneys help individuals, businesses, and local governments achieve compliance with all applicable environmental and land use laws, leading to a safer and cleaner environment. Achieving those goals requires both an awareness of the environmental effects of human activities and compliance with a variety of local, state, national, and even international environmental laws and regulations.

Catalyst Communications has professionals that have developed core skills on both sides of the media relations fence. Their former journalists are focused, precise, message-oriented and time sensitive, and their public relations consultants are keenly aware of the need to produce firm results, not fluff. Their team has handled communications for companies ranging from global industry leaders to start ups in the public, private and IPO stages of funding both as an internal communications asset and as an outsourced public relations firm. Surrounding Catalyst is a network of highly lauded award-winning professionals with skills in marketing, web design and development, and new age communications in industries ranging from information technology to the nonprofit sector to professional services such as finance, accounting and legal.

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