IAHSS ALS ice bucket challenge

Dana Frentz Takes the ALS Ice Bucket Challenge

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IAHSS ALS ice bucket challengeIn August the International Association for Healthcare Security & Safety (IAHSS) held its annual Leadership Conference in Chicago. These meetings include Regional Chairs that represent each US State and Canada, Council Chairs, and Board Member who focus on a number of relevant issues including succession planning for IAHSS volunteer leadership positions.

The IAHSS is the leading organization for the healthcare security profession, whose mission is Leading Excellence in Healthcare Security, and Safety and Emergency Management. RMA supports the IAHSS as members and as Board leaders.

It was during this meeting where the IAHSS Executive Board (including Dana Frentz from RMA) accepted and completed the ALS Ice Bucket Challenge and committed to donating at least $50 each to ALS.

They in turn challenged the IHSS Foundation and all IAHSS members who have not done the challenge. To learn more about the ice bucket challenge or to donate please visit their website.

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