Dana Frentz Attends IAHSS Strategic Plan Meeting

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The IAHSS Board of Directors and Council Chairs met December 6, 2018, to conduct a complete revisit of the Association’s Strategic Plan. The last strategic plan was originally developed in February 2015.  The Board has been revising and updating it every year since.  However, now was the time to revise and establish the Association’s strategic objectives and priorities.

One of the priorities was how the Association can continue to leverage technology in educational offerings.  Dana Frentz is the Chair of the Education Council. Over the last two years, the Education Council launched an eLearning program for hospital security officers. This training focused on advanced and supervisory positions. IAHSS is continuing with the development of the Officers Basic eLearning course in 2019. IAHSS is the trusted authority for such a complex and ever-changing profession.

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