Campus Safety article about RFPs

What is the Right RFP?

Dana Frentz, CHPA, PSP News, RFP Development, Security System Bid Process and Evaluation

Ensure you get what you ask for! An RFP provides a great opportunity to specify exactly what you want in equipment or a service. Campus Safety’s article “How the Right RFP Can Ensure the Program You Buy Is the Program You Get” provides engaging aspects for developing and issuing RFPs. Many companies contract for security officers through a third-party company. …

security officer standing next to bike

Proprietary versus Contract Officers

Billy Gordon Green, Jr. M.Ed., CPP, CHS Contract Security Officer/Guard, Security Program Development

The human component of an integrated security plan can be in one or more of several forms. These forms become choices that need to be addressed depending on the mission, environment, culture, population, and security philosophy of the organization and specifically the site to be protected. Basically, there are only two organizational relationships for the security officer. A proprietary officer …