Cody Dowd

Cody W. Dowd, PSP, CPD


Security Consultant
Security Professional since 2011

Place of Birth: Phoenix, AZ

Education: M.S. Criminal Justice: Homeland Security, Liberty University. 10 Years Active-Duty Military in U.S. Army Special Forces. DIV 1AA scholar athlete, football, 3 years as Captain.

Certifications: Physical Security Professional (PSP) ASIS International. Crime Prevention Through Environmental Design Professional (CPD), National Institute of Crime Prevention

What do you enjoy most about your role in security? Security is my passion - my entire professional career has been protecting others. I look at security as a problem and I enjoy solving problems. My time in Special Forces has given me the ability to analyze problems, think outside the box, and provide solutions to help others. Threats are always changing, therefore adaptation is the key to being successful. I enjoy learning and often dive deep into a problem in order to understand the best solution moving forward.

What is your greatest security concern? Complacency. Often security is a reactionary process due to the evolution of threats. Threats, whether they be to people, infrastructure, or intellectual property, are evolving daily. "Necessity is the mother of invention," which means that if something can be used to do harm, it will be used to do harm. The reliance on the status quo from a security perspective will inevitably leave a vulnerability. The security industry doesn’t have the leisure of knowing the next threat, however, that shouldn’t stop one’s ability to analytically think about problems and find solutions.

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