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UNC System Safety and Security Conference

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Protus3 supported and sponsored the University of North Carolina System at the inaugural UNC System Safety and Security Conference at UNC Asheville. Chris Peterson represented Protus3. The plan for the program is to connect over 200 safety and security professionals throughout the system on an annual basis. The program included tracks for Clery, Student Affairs, Law Enforcement, Legal, Title IX …

Campus Safety article about Penn State fine

Dept. of Ed Levies $2.4M Clery Act Fine Against Penn State Over Sandusky Case

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It appears that the Department of Education (ED) is prepared to assess Penn State the largest Clery Act fine to date. Read the entire article here. Not only is the fine larger than other fines we have seen assessed, it is exponentially larger. What does this mean for the many other institutions that are currently under investigation or will be …

Baylor University headline

What Can We Learn From Baylor University?

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The Dallas Morning News recently published an article entitled “Sex assault reports at Baylor nearly quadrupled in 2015, report says”. Read the full article here. What can we learn from Baylor University? If campus leaders do not set the example and provide the necessary resources, it is nearly impossible to engage the population in a comprehensive and effective manner. A …

Campus Safety article on safety during investigations

Keeping the Campus Safe during a Title IX Investigation

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Should campus security conduct a behavioral threat assessment concurrent to a Title IX sexual violence investigation? Campus Safety’s feature on Threat Assessment Teams provides three steps to help maintain security during an investigation. Read more: 3 Steps to Keeping Victims and Campuses Safe During Title IX and VAWA Investigations     Plan. Protect. Prosper. Protus3 specializes in security system design, …

Michael Epperly

Michael Epperly Published in Campus Safety Magazine

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Campus Safety magazine published “4 Questions Every Campus Should Ask When Hiring a Title IX Private Investigator” by Michael Epperly. Since 2011, the U.S. Department of Education, Office of Civil Rights (respectively, “ED” and “OCR”), has required that all persons involved in an institution’s Title IX grievance procedure – including its investigators – have demonstrable training or experience in conducting …

Clery: Rethinking Your Role

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Reputation equals funding: For many years researchers have investigated the influence of reputation on a university’s ability to raise capital. The general consensus is that even while reputation remains mercurial, its effect is hard to overstate. The better the reputation, the better the funding. As a result, many universities have begun to divert more resources towards what some scholars are …