Jobs for Life 2012

Christine Peterson Speaks at Jobs for Life Graduation

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Jobs for Life 2012Chris Peterson was the graduation speaker at the Jobs for Life Graduation Ceremony. Students in this program have chosen to pursue careers in nursing, counseling, and finance. The program focused on key character traits such as responsibility, honesty, integrity, respect, excellence, perseverance, caring self discipline, courage, and fairness.

Jobs for Life (JfL) is a national organization that equips churches and organizations in over 100 U.S. cities through the distribution of biblically-based tools and materials to train men and women for success at work and life. JfL provides turnkey toolkits containing all of the materials needed for churches and organizations to lead a JfL training class, which teaches timeless biblical principles concerning work and the ways those principles are applied in the marketplace. Through this training, men and women develop character and become connected to a community of support to help them obtain far more than just a job. They experience life, a life filled with confidence, self-control, coaching, learning, and faith.



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