Governing for Nonprofit Excellence

Christine Peterson Attends Governing for Nonprofit Excellence at Harvard University

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Governing for Nonprofit ExcellenceOn behalf of Triangle Family Services (TFS), Christine Peterson attended Governing for Nonprofit Excellence at Harvard University, Harvard Business School (HBS) October 26 – 29, 2014.

The Executive Education class “Governing for Nonprofits Excellence” is an intense 3 day program exploring the nonprofit board’s critical role, and best practices that enhance the contribution of outside board members and chairs to the nonprofit organization. The attendees will improve their capacity to define, oversee, and adjust the organization’s mission; create strategic plans; and assess and measure performance. As a result, the board will be better able to build financial sustainability and improve overall performance.

Nonprofit organizations like TFS require strong, innovative leadership. As the President of Risk Management Associates, Chris brings the same passion and leadership to the TFS as a member of its Board of Directors as she has as a leader at Risk Management Associates.

Harvard Business School (HBS) focuses on four core nonprofit governance competencies: board leadership, strategic stewardship, performance measurement, and financial oversight. Through this program attendees gain the skills needed to maintain mission clarity, forge effective relationships with CEOs, structure and manage important alliances, and achieve financial sustainability. Harvard Business School Executive Education program is developed and taught by HBS faculty who are widely recognized as skilled educators, groundbreaking researchers, and award-winning authors. Through publishing, consulting, and teaching, HBS faculty leverage their business expertise and field-based research to develop enduring concepts that shape the practice of management. The result is an Executive Education teaching team whose groundbreaking insights challenge participants’ thinking and enable them to become superior business leaders.

Since 1937, Triangle Family Services (TFS) has served as a safety net for the community. TFS’ accomplishes its mission of, “Building a Stronger Community by Strengthening the Family”, through its commitment to empower families physically, mentally and financially.

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