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Christine Peterson Appointed to the Wake County Community Assessment Steering Committee

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Christine PetersonChristine Peterson was appointed to the Safety Sub-committee of the Wake County Community Assessment Steering Committee. Wake County is entering the third phase of its Community Needs Assessment and is now seeking residents to take part in community focus groups where participants can share their thoughts on the physical, mental, economic and environmental health factors affecting the County. The purpose of the focus groups, which will take place all over the County, is to gather further information about topics that were highlighted during the first two phases of the assessment – Survey Collection (Phase 1) and Secondary Data Collection (Phase 2).

What Is A Community Assessment?
A community assessment is a process that helps to identify factors affecting our county, determine resources needed to address these factors and develop a plan of action to address community needs. This is done by identifying and collecting information that identifies the community’s strengths, resources and needs. The information is then analyzed and usually put into a report. The report includes information about the health of the community as it is today and about the community’s ability to improve the lives of the people who live there. After the report is completed, community members will come together to develop a plan of action to address the priorities identified through the assessment.

Who Is Doing The Community Assessment?
A group of community members across Wake County representing county and local governments, schools and universities, health care, financial institutions, public safety, faith organizations, and the media is conducting the Wake County’s 2010 Community Assessment. This group will be collecting information from people who live and/or work in Wake County to identify this community’s resources, strengths and needs. This will be done through focus groups, and by using data from the State Office of Health Statistics, Census 2000 and other sources. Information is also being gathered by a survey. People in the community will be randomly selected to participate in the survey. Volunteers will go to the selected homes and ask residents to complete the survey.

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